The folder structure of Meteor / Angular2

I m actualy working in migration form basic nodeJS and JavaScript application to one using Meteor whith Angular2 .

I finished the Socially Tutorial and start seaching for the folder structure to use it in my app , but the issue is all the structure i found in the doc and web site are the old one refering to the basic meteor folder structure not the one used in Socially Tutorial

the question is : Can you Suggests for me the adequate structure for Meteor and Angualar2 (full structure : clien side , server side , both side) ?

This structure works quite well for me:

In my latest app I moved all Methods to the server. Where to place the methods will depends on your level of security.

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Thanks you Cesar , I all ready see this structure when i worked in the socially tutorial , what i m asking if there is some global structure i can follow in the client side , server , and the shared one