The following code should be server only?

Hello guys,

I am including the following code in startup both, is that correct ?
Or maybe it should be server only?

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';

// This represents the keys from Meteor.users objects that should be published
// to the client. If we add secret properties to Meteor.users objects, don't list
// them here to keep them private to the server.
Meteor.users.publicFields = {
  firstName: 1,
  lastName: 1,
  gender: 1,
  picture: 1,
  levels: 1,
  preferences: 1,
  points: 1,
  gold: 1,
  createdAt: 1,
  '': 1


This is server only. Its about the fields behing published and publications only live on the server

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