The Future of Chimp.js


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in these forums! :wave:

The Chimp.js project is now being split into two separate projects, both of which are intended to help you deliver higher quality faster.

The first is Chimpy, which will be developed and maintained by @lgandecki’s The Brain team. This project will continue evolving and supporting the current thinking behind Chimp 1.x.

The second is Chimp 2.0, which will be developed and maintained by This project will be built from scratch based on the learnings made while using Chimp 1.x in the field. I’m planning to start work on this in January 2019.

If you are currently using Chimp, you should switch over to Chimpy as soon as possible. It’s a like-for-like replacement and will work out of the box. You’ll also get some new features with Chimpy, like automatically rerunning tests that fail.

Please see the full announcement here.

For anyone wondering about The Meteor Testing Manual project, please see this announcement.




Hey @sam,

I stumbled upon your book page a while back. And when I was about to reach for my credit card, it said “not yet but soon” – I am happy you are finally on it. It solves a major challenge for us and for Meteor adoption.

Writing a book takes forever, why don’t you start with (paid) videos?

PS: I wouldn’t use Chimpy the way it now. It doesn’t seem to be very active and its README is old.


Thanks Ramez.

Videos is a great idea. I did toy with that a little a while back, and some of the chapters in this guide may be a video format.

I think Chimpy is the right option for anyone that is currently using Chimp, or anyone that is using a webdriver based approach that would like more Meteor specific features.


Looking forward to it!