The Future of Orion


When I started Orion more than a year ago I simply wanted to create the best CMS solution for Meteor.
I have truly enjoyed building Orion and working with the community to build such a great platform.

Now I’m working with Meteor + React and I don’t use Blaze anymore.

I would like to announce Ryan Watts, will be taking over the project going forward.
Ryan started working with Orion just before version 1.0. Ryan has provided great packages and core updates to help build,
The Orion you use today.

I trust Ryan’s ability to maintain Orion and keep the project on the path I initially visioned.

I’m not planning in creating something similar to Orion for React right now but I’m working in a AutoForm like package for React that can help everyone who want to follow the React path, Simple React Form. Roles works great with React as well.

Thank you,


Thank you @nicolaslopezj it has been a great experience working with Orion, and I am happy to see what the future has in store! Great work with the project!

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MDG needs to pick an official react-meteor form. Too many splintered efforts could have been put into one solid effort…

Hi Anthony,

I don’t think MDG should pick a side. Some people thought the same regarding to Orion, that we should unite forces.

Every package has a different approach and competition is always good!


I think with something like or your package, it would not be very hard to built something like orion in react. Adding something like and you’re nearly done.

I used Orion a lot for smaller projects or prototypes and its generally nice to have a simple CRUD-admin interface on your collections.

I am starting a project where I need some basic CRUD-interface and i hope i can extract some nice packages out of it.

@rwatts Hey just curious if Orion is still in active development / being maintained - I’d like to use it for an upcoming project but want to be sure of it’s stablitiy in the latest versions of Meteor (1.4+)

Orion is now succeeded by Scorpius

Sick! I’ll be getting that installed asap. Great work!

Thank you, the life of Scorpius wouldn’t exist without Orion and @nicolaslopezj.

I’m just here to try and keep the dream alive.

It’s been a great framework and I suspect an even greater future as it evolves.