The Meteor 1.6 beta is so yesterday


:tada: :tada: :tada:

We’re almost there - please help test if you can!

Update an existing project:

meteor update --release 1.6-rc.0

Create a new project:

meteor create --release 1.6-rc.0


I’m running into Error: SQLITE_IOERR: disk I/O error as I tried to do the update (from


Just updated one of my new WIP projects to 1.6 beta and it’s excellent! Thanks a lot to all involved.


Where can we see the changelog/fixes for the different RC’s?


@rjdavid We don’t keep individual change logs for each beta and RC, since the Git commit log is generally more useful for that. You can look through the commit log for Meteor 1.6 at this link. The actual releases are separated by a “Bump package versions for <version>” commit message. Hope this helps!


Now the release candidate is yesterday too: 1.6 has been released :tada:

(Officially on monday 30th, but still :confetti_ball::tada::gift::balloon::birthday:)