The Meteor tutorial content from is now open-source!

Hi Meteor forums!

The tutorials used to be embedded in the code of the website, but I’ve factored them out into a separate public repository.

Now you can do a couple things you couldn’t before:

  1. Submit pull requests to tutorial content - something doesn’t seem right? Help us out!
  2. Get all of the content in markdown form - if you want to print everything out, or look at it in an alternate viewer, now you can! (there are a few templates in there, but 95% of the content is in the markdown files)
  3. Look at a preview of the React tutorial - it’s still a work in progress, but I would appreciate feedback none the less!

We are going to have more and more official tutorials, so this is part of me working to improve our infrastructure for managing them. Hope you like it!



It’s broken, something up with npm. Also meteor npm install loads a whole bunch of stuff up along with a file.