The most Meteoric approach to call/monitor expensive methods

Hi guys,
I have been playing with Meteor basics for a while now but I have a puzzle and I am not sure which method and mechanisms are the most Meteoric ones. Here is the situation:

  • On client side: a form upon on submit event calls a server side method (lets call it serverMethod) and waits for a result of some processing.
  • On the server side: the serverMethod does:
    (1) write the form data into a JSON file
    (2) execute a command line that takes the JSON file as input and produces (1 minute latter) an output file
    (3) send the output file back to the client
  • On Client side: meanwhile client still waiting for results, and upon reception, displays the output below the form

It may seem that the whole server side computation could be hidden behind one method call on form-submit event, although I’m not sure how to make that (more) responsive. Moreover It would be nice to capture errors at every execution step and even display a progress bar showing feedback on where is the execution now and then. Perhaps the latter one could be done with some publish/subscribe hooks.

Please let me know what is the most Meteoric architecture to achieving high transparency to what happens on the server side.