The need for transpiling code in 2018

As of 2018 browsers support 97% of es6.
The question is: do we still need the transpilation step of meteor babel?
Sidestepping it would increase build performance and remove the neccesity for generating maps for debuggin, no?

I believe the new Meteor has custom settings for this, no? Or it’s supposed to come? Not sure, I don’t use Meteor anymore and just follow on the side.

Here’s my perspective: It depends on your project and audience. For my own project I got rid of transpiling, no need since majority of users are either on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge and as mentioned, they all support it.

But now we are turning my project into a platform for everyone to use… ergo now we have to transpile because some people might cry about IE 11 support. Such is life.

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Modern bundles are already on the way for 1.6.2:

The modern browser cut-off is being set to support for async/await, so 84.8% of users.


ok, let’s wait and see