The Proxy is blocking websocket protocol ws://

Hello fellow Meteorite,
I’m working on a project for a big co and I have a blocking issue.
The cordova iphone app is deployed with the inhouse app store and it launch a vpn to connect to their meteor server hosted behind the proxy wall when launching the app.
The problem is that the proxy let’s only http, https and ftp protocols go through.
My app tries to connect to it’s server over ws:// protocol and nothing happens…
Can I force it to use the http:// protocol to connect to the server or the ws:// is required ?
They say it’s going to take a very long time to open it on the proxy side :frowning:
Also I thought the app could revert to sockjs but I’m not sure it the case with a cordova app.
The web version work fine on the local network so they are only half unhappy…

Thanks for your time reading anyhow :slight_smile:

Can you set the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS=1 environment variable in Cordova?

I guess it’s not the same environment variable as for ROOT_URL and MONGO_URL… where do I setup Cordova environment variables?

Ok I found a link, gonna ask the custommer to ad environment variables :slight_smile:
But not sure it’s gonna work since it’s an old trick, thx for the tip any how. I’ll keep you updated

Edit 2:
Adding the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS=1 environment variable did not solve the problem with the app :frowning:
Any other idea to force sockjs with cordova ?