The react based on styled - components encapsulation UI library one UI

Based on styled - componetns encapsulation CSS style library again, expect idea practice any objections or agree with

Look here: @eugle/oneui

styled-components: 5.1.0
react: >= 16.8.0

How to use

meteor npm install --save @eugle/oneui

Similar to native HTML and CSS writing methods, replace the initial letter with uppercase, introduced from @eugle/oneui,

import { Div,Button } from ‘@eugle/oneui’;


pb={15} => padding-bottom: 15px
fs={14} => font-size: 14px;

bg=‘s’ => background-color: s => preset success color
r={6} => round:6px;

Simplified native methods are single-letter, for example: font-size abbreviated to fs,The final result is as follows


Compiles the actual code in the browser

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