The real disadvantages of Meteor compared to other stuff (MEAN, React..)

Hey all,

I’m always defending Meteor, most of times with my own work, and I really glad about everything. But today a question appeared to me. It’s been a good time since I’m working with Meteor and I’m not feeling that I’m updated enough to compare the real pros and cons when talking about MEAN, Ember and React, for example.

I wanna hear from you guys, why are you taking the Meteor way (and if you are taking other ways in parallel projects too), what Meteor can’t satisfy (in your opinion), etc. Basically, I wanna discuss about the bad things that others do in a good way. I think this can be a good discussion, so I will start.

“A lot of things to clients at once” - Man, that feeling still drives me crazy some times. I think that this plus SEO are my greatest fears while creating an app.

What do you mean by that?


In the past several months I’ve been studying Meteor and pure Node almost all the time, and looking back to my tech feed now I feel that a lot has change in other technologies too. So that’s why I want to know from you what’s the big advantages of this new technologies and the pros and cons compared to Meteor