The site can't be reached (Sometimes)

Hi everybody, i launched a very new startup (Sale of point system) and started to get some traffic. Sometimes the server can’t response and i’m getting this error on browser.

The app is deployed in $5 digital ocean droplet with mupx. It restarts on fails but it’s a big problem for me.
I checked everything but couldn’t be sure about the solution.

My first intention is about low ram & cpu. It seems at 03.43 pm cpu hit to 100% but why?

Known facts:

  • At least 10 people is always on and making simple writes & reads, nearly every minutes of the day.
  • I know i have a stupid sub/pub logic.
  • Some of my collections have more than 100.000 documents with proper indexes.

Besides that, Kadira shows some errors:
I’m always getting this error

The server went off after these two warnings.

How can i solve these errors? Thank you.

If it’s about the low cpu & ram. I’m thinking to carry my app to Gallaxy. Can someone suggest a good document which shows how to do it?

Hard to say from just a cursory look at your logs, but setDisabled is not defined, followed by Unexpected token < in JSON at position 1 are both indicative of some syntax issues in your code. Depending on the error that is thrown, Meteor will shut down (and then restart automatically because of mup). What would be more helpful is to see your error logs from your server.

Also, if you have large collections with inefficient pub/subs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the $5 droplet run out of memory…

First of all, thank you for ur answer.

setDisabled error comes from localhost (production). Thus, i didn’t ask for it.
I couldn’t be sure about memory. Because, cpu usage hits to 100% just for 30minutes.

I learned that botnet attacks caused the problem and set up CloudFlare’s free reverse-proxy plan in front of my droplet.

Will track the issue and share my experience.