The State of Javascript 2018!

…I know there’s already a thread about this survey, but I thought I’d make a second one just in case you missed the first one :slight_smile:

Take a few minutes to reply, since Meteor is an option in Backends and Build tools (which I think is well deserved) this year!


Meteor has gotten so much better - I had to fill it out.

That is so true!

I was recently sharing some up-to-date Meteor knowledge for a bunch of random developers, and most of them were still firm believers of opinions formed or heard around Meteor 1.0 -days. Most of them seemed pretty enthusiastic after I explained the latest and greatest Meteor has to offer.

They had misconceptions such as…

  • Meteor devs can’t use npm packages
  • You can only use Blaze
  • The bundled apps are massive in size
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I used to be uncomfortable with too much magic in my apps.
So I took a look under the hood and Meteor’s magic was actually pretty simple to get my head around!


When you completely understand it, then it’s not magic anymore. You become a magician. :smile:


If you ever think you completely understand Meteor, take a few minutes to read through the constraint-solver source. After you’re done screaming, please remember to buy @benjamn a pint the next time you see him, for taming that beast!!


Okay. Next time I see him, I will buy him a pint. I’ve done screaming.


Truth is, we got so used to best-in-class development by the Meteor team, we sometimes take if for granted. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us of the underlying effort / skill, super well-done @benjamn and @hwillson

Planning on attending a Meteor meeting in SF soon … dark beer pint on me!

PS: survey answered too … nice to see Meteor as one of the first back-end, seems the message is finally getting out.

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Yes, I guess the survey author finally learned about Meteor!


Yes, I guess the survey author finally learned about Meteor!


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SAVAGE :wink:

I just wonder who used to do these surveys about JS State just a few months ago…

I love Meteor it’s like the best of the best :wink:

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