The tutorial bugs are harming referrals to the platform

I am trying to introduce someone to Meteor and I started with the tutorial.

First I recommended the react-todos tutorial, since it is the way forward. The locations of the files were confusing (not clearly specified in the tutorials). She found this bug reported, and eventually resolved it. Then she tried to actually add a todo using the mongo command. The todo didn’t appear, and the code appeared to be correct.

So I switched her to the Blaze tutorial. She encountered this issue, first reported at the end of October: Meteor not detecting new files.

This makes me look really bad, because I introduce the platform as being “the least IT you’ll ever experience,” and the first experience is a bunch of IT: adding import statements, folder structure, and pointless IT bugs right out the gate.

These issues need to be addressed. At minimum the bugs should be fixed. But please, make a tutorial that doesn’t introduce needless IT.


I think a big problem with the current system is that it’s quite hard to fix small issues because of the relatively complex setup. It was actually introduced to create a better user experience, since now each file very clearly specifies which file name and lines need to be changed. But I’m not sure that this is better than simply having a page with markdown on it.

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To add more context, I am hoping to soon have time to migrate the tutorials to a “page with markdown on it” so that people can contribute fixes much more easily.



If anyone wants to help with this migration or has ideas about it, I’d be happy to work with you! is nice, I noticed it when browsing apache ignite docs

Going with Markdown is a great choice IMO because it’s easy to export with Gitbook later on especially for offline usage which is also like the documentation on Redux. I’d be happy to help @sashko, just let me know :slight_smile:

We’ve considered all of the markdown publishing platforms - we had to build our own thing because they simply don’t have all of the features necessary. However I agree that markdown will make the content more portable in general.