The world ends when CMD+F gets overridden


I just discovered that the default, highly cherished and incredibly useful tool, known as “CTRL/CMD + F” has been overridden by a relatively useless search tool which happens to be order of magnitudes slower as well.

This is not cool, and I speak on behalf of pretty much every internet user (technical or otherwise). Give back CMD+F, please.


I think it’s overwritten to compensate for the fact you can’t search an entire thread with CMD+F due to the infinite pagination.


CMD+F works fine for me. Just tried it on Safari, and it brings up the normal browser search tool.


Infinite pagination is like a can of mandarin oranges you open only to realize that it’s full of worms.

How many Meteor Forum users access the site with mobile? Does it justify designing the site for the mobile form factor? Does it justify completely overriding native desktop functionality?

At minimum any site with infinite pagination should pay respect to users who see the use in not using infinite pagination – maybe a “get whole topic” button would do well for users like that?

@mz103 yes it seems to work fine when the entire topic has been uncovered, like in this topic.


@streemo you have to realize that Meteor doesn’t develop these forums. It’s a product/service called Discourse. You should contact them if you have a problem.


On these forums, all posts with the meta tag may involve “Discussion about these forums, their organization, how the site works, and how we can improve it.”

So, I think this is actually the perfect place to be discussing this.


They’re likely talking about forum rules, guidelines, and structure.

It doesn’t say anything about key/event bindings. By all means though, talk about it. We’ll see if they have an opinion on it.


You are absolutely right! Just because they do not explicitly state every possible thing that could ever tie into those general things doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about things that may be related in some way. :wink:

In this case, something as technical and seemingly inert as what CMD+F’s event was bound to actually had a very real impact on my UX of these forums.


Does pressing CTRL+F twice not work for you? (can’t test as it’s working normally for me)


Chrome 50.0.2661.86 (64-bit), Yosemite 10.10.5

Pressing CMD + F twice toggles the imposter search mechanism, rather than switching back to the default mechanism.


There have been many threads about how discourse handles search, and I think the way they do it now is pretty good actually, given all of the different tradeoffs. I don’t think anything is likely to change as a result of this thread.


So, for a while I was used to control-f once for discourse find and twice for browser find, but now the only option is discourse find… Maybe a recent discourse update?


That is a regression, we will get the double ctrl f thing fixed this week