Themes for native Meteor Web App


What are the best options for Themes for Native Meteor Web-Apps/Sites (i.e. non-Angular)?? & how does one go about it?

What is the best place to look for themes for Meteor projects? Is it a good idea to use themes commonly available??

Please help.


Any theme would do… There is no reason for a theme to work better with Meteor than other frameworks, even languages.

Concentrate more on choosing your UI framework such as skeleton, bootstrap and the likes. Then find a theme using it.


well you’ll have to chop up the theme into blaze templates if it isn’t a “meteor theme” out of the box


You are right, I was thinking mostly of the html/css/visual parts… But yes, of course using a wordpress theme will be way harder than using meteor’s todo example as a theme.

Then again, if the theme is already meteorized, you’d still have to plug your app’s logic into it.

Also @camacazze, you explicitly said non-angular, but would Native mean Blaze or React for you?

Anyways, if it can help, I’ve used bootstrap themes in the past with meteor and they worked nicely…


This theme is built out with a full set of options, based on bootstrap system. They have a meteor version along with their html/angular base. I’ve used it in the past for side projects. It helps to build an MVP quickly since it has a lot of components.



Thank you for posting this, I think that is what I have been looking for…


Thanks for your inputs.

@sbr464 Sir, what do you use for your main projects?? You use this theme for your side projects.