There is no route for path '/' on production

I am using flowrouter + react + meteor. I don’t have any errors in development.

But when i host or simulate production, then i am getting the error There is no route for path ‘/’

I found many similar issues. But the solutions mentioned in them is not working for me. like placing router.jsx inside /lib folder. If i place, it complains about the imports. If i use If(Meteor,isClient) then there is no error. But nothing shows in my app. Just blank screen.

Any solution for this error?

I have same problem. Nothing helps :angry:

Its an error with the flowrouter package.

Use react-router if you are using react.

That is weird because i deployed about 3 weeks ago and Flow-router worked.

I think I solved it. Check out my answer, at another git thread:

I had this problem, and fixed it by getting rid of console errors that were present in the development build.

Think the reason my development build was working, but production build wasn’t, is because of JS files being concatenated for production, meaning that this error was preventing subsequent code from running.

So, motto is, make sure there are no errors being thrown, as they will lead to more issues when concatenating file for production!

(The package in question was autoform-hint, but don’t think that is particularly relevant.)