Third-party books and tutorials have disappeared. Why?

I would not like to start another Blaze vs React vs xxx war hear but I have noticed that all learning materials have disappeared soon after React has come to rule Meteor world. So, now it is for pros who do not need books and videos?

How do you mean the learning materials have disappeared?

The official Meteor tutorials page has material for React, Blaze, and Angular:

React is given a higher emphasis for sure, but the others are there

I do not mean ‘official’ documentation (I am sure any serious product has that including Oracle Enterprise Manager). I mean simple searches in Amazon and Packt. It is one book now per 50 in pre-React/Apollo ( era. Does this mean that Meteor has gone enterprise?

What kind of books are you expecting?

React didn’t come alone it came with Angular and Vue. Each part of the platform has it’s own ecosystem and it’s own set of literature and books. So to answer your question, I don’t think they are disappeared but more likely specialized.

If you go to amazon and search for React you’ll find dozen of books, same can be said for Angular and Vue.

And I’m not sure how you jumped to the conclusion that it has gone enterprise.