This.connection.clientAddress sometimes returns server address

Hey guys,

For our current project, we’re in the need of the client’s IP for checking his or her location.

For this, we use this.connection.clientAddress in a method call, but sometimes this.connection.clientAddress will return the server’s IP, which will always return Amsterdam, where are servers are located.

We’re currently using the meteorhacks:cluster package for load balancing, so maybe this is what’s causing the problems?
If so, how can we solve this?

From the documentation:

Set HTTP_FORWARDED_COUNT to an integer representing the number of proxies in front of your server. For example, you’d set it to “1” when your server was behind one proxy.

But any idea why, for some users, it IS working correctly?
Not all IP address we’re logging are our servers, more like 50/50…

Hm, not really. I am no expert but is there a possibility of a dynamic number of proxies in front of a server?

Well, we’ve found a snippet that should deal with a variable amount of fowarders.

`‘tournamentCheckin.getConnectionIP’: function () {

    // No need to make others wait

    // Locals
    var conn        = this.connection;
    var ipPublic    = conn.clientAddress;
    var ipSource    = conn.httpHeaders['x-forwarded-for'].split(',')[0]
                    || ipPublic;
    var prox        = (process.env.HTTP_FORWARDED_COUNT)
                    ? parseInt(process.env.HTTP_FORWARDED_COUNT)
                    : 0;
    // Determine IP to log
    return (prox) ? ipSource : ipPublic;


This should work right?

But again, randomly, some IP’s are still server IP’s…

Just out of curiosity: what is that for an app? Just asking because of the tournamentCheckin

It’s BeSports, a platform where Belgian gamers can compete in online tournaments :slight_smile: