This error constantly popping up while creating folder

Hi @nitinjaiswal68, welcome to the forums!

That doesn’t look like any error I’ve seen before, so not exactly sure what’s happening.

I do notice that you are running it from an administrator shell, which can cause a wide range of problems.
It looks like a really important line has gone missing from the official install page, so it’s no surprise you’ve done so.
The full instructions are to install choco and meteor from an administrator window, then switch to a regular user mode prompt before actually using meteor to create or run a project.

Unfortunately, because running as admin on Windows clobbers file permissions of the meteor install, you will need to re-install meteor.

I suspect this won’t fix your immediate issue, but it would have stopped your app from running correctly anyway.
Hopefully this either fixes your issue by coincidence or someone else can reply with help for this error