This.userId returning undefined when reauthenticating a user in 1.1.x

I was looking at this thread for clues, but I noticed in a production app that I’ve been using this.userId() for some time with no problem. However, when I migrated my app from 1.0.2 to, this.userId() as returning undefined. I noticed that in this release the core Accounts package has changed. Any idea what might be causing this?

Here’s the method where I keep falling into the else:

    reauthenticateUser: function() {
        var user = null;
        if (this.userId) {
            var hashedToken = Accounts._getLoginToken(;
            user = Meteor.users.findOne({$and: [{'_id': this.userId}, {'services.resume.loginTokens': {$elemMatch: {hashedToken: hashedToken}}}]});

            // reauth user
        } else {
            logger.error('No userId available. Please try again.');
            throw { name: 'System Error', message: 'No userId available. Please try again.'
        return user;