Thoughts about routecore and SEO?



I’m gonna start a new project which will have a lot of crawling in the backend and few user interactions on the client. SEO is very critical for this project. I decided to do crawling part and all the server-side stuff with meteor but i’m not sure if i should use meteor for front-end or not. I saw discussions about how spiderable can cause problems. I saw this package provides server-side rendering with react, but i’m not sure if i should use it or not since the latest commit is from Apr 17.

If there are any of you using routecore, i will appreciate it if you can tell your experiences with it.

Another solution would be using and together to provide server-side rendering for search engines. But i don’t like writing different templates for server and client. So i prefer routecore approach if possible.

What would you suggest for a SEO heavy application ?