Thoughts on Relay with Meteor?

Haven’t dug too deep into it yet, going over the examples from express. Anyone trying this out yet? (I know it was just open sourced today… :smile: )

One opinion here:

My opinion: I think the same of @arunoda, but in some cases we don’t develop a Meteor app, and have some Meteor features will be great. I think to use Relay with others FB libs, like React-Native will be good to solve the problem that Meteor does with minimongo on the web browser.

I am a bit worried after reading about relay. Is it something that will integrate with meteor or something that will compete with meteor? Maybe @arunoda can explain.

Hmm. Nothing much to worry.

In short words,

Relay + GraphQL + Some Other projects === Meteor + Something yet to come

I’m using Relay Stack to mention, Relay + GraphQL and Other Projects in the following section

So, Meteor is a well engineered solution, which works great with all the components. You can simply use Meteor. It’s stable.

In Relay Stack, you need to do some work and handle server side data stuff. You may need to do some more client side stuff as well. This includes more code and there will be issues.

Eventually, there will be a easy to use project with Relay Stack which is similar to Meteor. But, we have no reason to use them in Meteor(React is a different case). We already have something like Relay Stack which is running in production pretty well.

Still There are some projects we need to see in Meteor. Here’s one such thing.

I really like to have a way to define queries inside one place. So, I don’t need to copy them in both in the client and in the publication.

So, keep using Meteor and have a closer look at the Relay Stack too :slight_smile:

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