Tideflow - Create automated workflows

Hello! I’ve just published the website for Tideflow - https://tideflow.io, an open source tool for automating workflows.

You can check the source code at https://github.com/tideflow-io


What does it use:

Code and some of it components might not be the best as it growed organically from a side project to automate bill generation - pretty simple - to a bigger creature. As I wanted to get something others could use relatively soon, didn’t wanted to expend extra time on many things - MVP kind of thing. But at least now the core is built (and works, even if in beta).

Want to lend me a hand improving it? Even if it’s with an star on Github for the main repository, it really helps a lot!

You can also use Tideflow for your own purposes and report any issue or bug you may found.

There are some tasks on the backlogs. Check https://github.com/tideflow-io/tideflow/issues

Any ideas, comments and pull requests helps hugely to the project.

I hope being able to have 1.0 production ready in the next couple of months with your help. :slight_smile:

The license is GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

Thanks everyone for inspiring.


Great app! So Iron Router does perfect job here?

Hello @Volodymyr!

Iron is doing pretty well. Haven’t had any issues or regrets about it so far.

Implementing it has been one of the simplest and easiest tasks of the project.

Tideflow uses it mainly for client side routing without special needs - no Server Side Rendering or SEO needs, as everything is behing a login wall.

Iron is also on the server side for:

  1. Being able to get requests from third party services. [example for Github webhooks integration]
  2. For rendering simple a html page for the web forms integration, so users can get a blazing-fast form rendered as part of their workflows. [example]

Besides I don’t see TF having to switch to an Iron’s alternative soon, I wonder what you think about it using Iron Router or what would be your suggestions moving forward.

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Great stuff @joseconstela. I’m interested in supporting. I’ll start analyzing the code and get in touch. Thanks for publishing it here!

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Thank you for your message @rpesciotta. I’m really happy to hear your interest on the project.

Looking forward to see the cool stuff you can bring to Tideflow :partying_face:.

Well, it is more than enough for MVP. It is the high time to put price tag for different enterprise plans, pave a road map and start looking for traction/clients and/or financing (depends on whether you’d like to go bootstrapping or find support from funds).

In any case, client is a king and you should find your niche in small/medium-sized business/enterprise market, and believe me for end client there is no difference what router you are using.