Tideflow's GitHub CI service released

Hello everyone!

I’ve released one new service for Tideflow: a GitHub CI integration, so that you can design, automate and monitor continuous integration workflows in realtime for all your projects hosted in GitHub. All thanks to MeteorJS :boom:

I’ve created a blog post with more details and a quick run-through video https://www.tideflow.io/2019/11/github-ci-integration-is-here/

In case you don’t know that Tideflow is, it’s an open source, drag-n-drop, realtime workflows execution and monitorization web application, built with MeteorJS https://tideflow.io

What do you all think? Any feedback, comments, ideas… helps hugely to the project.


Looks cool! I’ll see if I can use it with one of my projects soon!

That’s great @storyteller.

I’ve recently released a Docker image - https://docs.tideflow.io/docs/sysadmin-deploying-docker but you still can run it locally with the simple “meteor” command.

Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or if you just need help setting it up.


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