Tinder animations with a Meteor-React-Ionic hybrid app

I just put together a demo of how to do Tinder animations with a Meteor-React-Ionic hybrid app here. I’m going to do a little more with the actual functionality in a later post, but I was really surprised by how easy this was to accomplish with React.


Thanks for sharing! Really interesting :slight_smile:

Waiting to see the final result and the next posts!

This is the second-to-last piece of the puzzle. We’re now passing in data from our Mongo collection using fake data and removing each object from the database on a yes or no swipe. The last step is giving the user access to the objects that were swiped affirmatively, which I’ll cover in the next post.

You can read more about it here

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@samcorcos, your tutorial was awesome. Also, thanks for doing the legwork in getting a solid base set up.

I tried using the latest version of http://tinderclone.meteor.com/ on my Nexus 6, but dragging was jittery, like a slow framerate.

Did you experience this on iOS?
Would you consider this technique leading to a production ready app?

You’re welcome!

Yeah, box shadow animations are not performant on mobile. It should be a
lot faster if you just remove the shadow.

I also saw an article somewhere along the way that shows how to make
shadows more performant, but I can’t find it at the moment.