Tiny Capital promotes Meteor CTO Fred Arantes to CEO

This announcement has been a long time coming. After Filipe’s departure in April, @fredmaiaarantes volunteered and was given permission to take on the CEO’s responsibilities.

Today, we’re announcing that Tiny Capital has promoted Fred fully to CEO, effective immediately. You can read the formal announcement here and on LinkedIn.

Fred has been working hard behind the scenes to bring on dedicated resources to work on the Meteor open source team and build bridges with the developer community through new initiatives like the Ambassador program.

We hope you will welcome him to this new role, and help him make Meteor the best framework for building software fast.



Hi @fredmaiaarantes very well done, congratulations and all the best.
This clarifies the query I opened in March 2021 :).

Now that we are expanding our Meteor portfolio, this is really great news.

We will celebrate this with a new Meteor package or package update.


Guys have you thought about making Meteor ( the whole platform including cloud) the goto for prototypes, corporate hackathons and innovation projects? I can’t tell you the amount of time wasted to get cloud instances etc approved in different companies in my experience, and the ability to easily spin up a complete project with zero permissions and zero expensive (from internal opportunity cost perspective) DevOps support needed would be a great improvement.

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Congrats, @fredmaiaarantes. Hoping to see stability within Meteor starting with this news.


Where do I send my application to become Meteor CTO?

Congrats @fredmaiaarantes


Congrats, @fredmaiaarantes