TinyMCE & ckEditor as Meteor Package


I am trying to build a package that supports tinymce , and ckeditor. The problem is both minified files are being included when in the Meteor “Magic” when I try to add them to the package. This works perfectly if I put it in a css/compatability folder, or if I put it in a /public directory. However it does not seem to work at the package level.

My question is how do I add or exclude the js file from being processed with Meteor, and allow it to pass to the client as is within a package ?

Thank you ,

Ryan .

If more clarification is needed I will be happy to elaborate more.

If I’m understanding the question, you’d like to have a package that adds files to the /public directory.

I’m not sure if that is possible but I’m curious to find out!

You can test it by creating a simple test package and placing it in your app’s packages directory. Something like this:


The main.js file can be empty, I think. You may not even need it.

Add testPublicPackage to your .meteor/packages file and then run your app. If it works, you should be able to get the tracer.js file from the browser: http://localhost:3000/tracer.js.

Please report your results! :slight_smile: