Tinytest UI Object

The UI object in Tinytest refers to Blaze, right? I believe it does but can’t tell for certain

Yes, but it’s not just Tinytest, it’s a global backwards compatibility feature. If you check the backcompat.js file from the Blaze package you’ll see the first line sets UI = Blaze;

Oh ok, thanks. I haven’t looked through much of the Meteor packages’ source code yet.

So UI is a legacy name for Blaze?

Yes - it’s sort of lost in the not-too-distant mists of time (but then, my memory’s not what it once was). I seem to recall it appeared around or soon after Spark (Blaze’s predecessor).

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Ok, that makes sense.

Well then, speaking of legacy names, (I was just about to post a new topic about this):

I was reading the Meteor Manual, when I noticed the first chapter is titled, “Deps.” I’m assuming that’s just an old name for Tracker, not another component I was previously unaware of, am I right?

Yes, Deps is the old name of Tracker.

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