Tips for deploying app on windows server virtual machine


Hi everyone,

Im almost done writing and testing my app on my MAC.Basically it’s a mobile app written with RN and redux on the client and meteor along with apolloServer graphql on the server.
The server app will also have a client written in react as the view layer and will help manage the data sent and used by the RN app and the mongo database.

So here is the current structure on my development machine:

Mobile Client project:

Server app bundled with web client:
-React for the client
-Meteor and mongo running on http://localhost:3000
-ApolloServer running on http://localhost:4000 interfacing with mongo ,RestAPIS and SQL SERVER(in the future).

the company i am writting this app for has their own servers which run on windows server 200X.How can i deploy my server app on a VM in the windows server? We have approximatively 240.000 users that will connect through the mobile app and about a hundred on the web client.For now the web interface is not yet written and still displays the default meteor welcome app.

Please can you guide me through this?

Ive seen posts about Electrify…but i am not sure if that ll help me…Tips?


Really no one has a tip to give me? please