Tips for mobile app deployment experience and resources


I’m about to finish an app that id like to send to the Android and iOS markets. I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experience and/or resources that helped them.

More so I am really curious about following:

  • Best ways to set up my config file, I made one before and tested on my own device, but a lot of it was educated guess without actually knowing what each setting does specifically.

  • How to make sure things like the Facebook login will work using user accounts.

  • How to point my database connection to the right place. Deploying to my personal device or server I managed no problem. But during the process of packaging my app for the market I didn’t recall a really clear way of putting in my server credentials.

  • App performance, my app isn’t using any complicated animations so I am fine with frame rate. However one the I did notice was using isCordova didn’t work in some cases testing on my personal device where is as isClient did.

  • Click events vs touch events, does it matter? For my use cases click seems to be working. This app will also be in web form, is there a way to bind events?

  • Design, I keep reading iOS is notorious on rejecting apps for certain design or lack of design rules. I’ve read their terms and can navigate my way through those, just curious of any surprises.

  • CSS3 , my app uses so new css features like calc and transition. Any idea on how far back in device software versions these are supported? Or is a it safe to say major versions all support these?

  • Anything else you may have run into?


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Well, you are asking 7 different general questions, most of which are docs or a google search away.

Sure I’ll except that, however not every experience from build to build is the same. I’ve never launched a mobile app before, if this is the response you get from the community “Just Google it”, then what is the point of having the forums if no one is willing to share.

@nicholasbydesign - Happy to help, but your post does make it hard. These questions are so general and so dependent on your project (some of them), that to give you a useful response, I’d type out a couple thousand words and it still wouldn’t help you.

I think you’d get more out of this by asking one pointed question that has a specific answer that can help you get closer to ‘sending it to Android/ iOS’.

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The questions I listed are what have currently been on my mind as those are what have come up in my process so far.

I guess what I was intending to get at from the community is things they may have run into that I should be on the look out for.

As someone who has never launched a mobile app and have only worked on web browser, this new medium is a bit strange and unfamiliar to me after the code has been written.

Although meteors popularity is growing there still isn’t much substance I have found on the subject. Especially with other frameworks emerging and coming into popularity.

So any advice or tips welcome.