Tips for updating a big app v1.2.1 to 1.3+

This app was done back when 1.2.2 faster builds was launched.

It has a bunch of bower dependencies and from what I’ve read, meteor 1.3 doesn’t support bower anymore.

Everything is in the client folder with over 30 folders with components/directives using angular 1.x

What would the steps of migrating the bower dependencies? Do you have to move everything to the import folder and try to find if npm has the dependencies and import them in each controller?

Is it worth upgrading? From what I see it could take days or even weeks.

I would just copy all of your bower dependencies into the app and pretend they are part of your app code. Do people still publish updates on there?

Not really sure, but that would make the project even bigger in terms of bundle size hmmm I guess it wouldn’t make a difference, one could just add it in the main index.html file and leave the client folder as is since everything there will just get called automatically if I’m not mistaken and put all the dependencies in the public folder.

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