To be or not to be with meteor?


The recent announcement of galaxy pricing coupled with release of meteor-like stack by facebook (react, relay, graphql) has induced a bit of fear and created a dilemma in my mind : to be or not to be with meteor.
(and I am sure some others are experiencing this too).

The other important reason I am confused is because recently I have got in touch with clients who avoid meteor because of its closed (?) nature. (You either have a meteor app or not.) I have got an offer for a big project but the client does not want the app to be in meteor. (I have developed a meteor app for him in other project)

So what do you suggest? Shall I stick to meteor or not? If yes, what are some strong points in favor of meteor as of today, through which I can convince the clients to use it?

Thank you.


Shall I stick to Meteor or not?

I think the community has done an amazing job creating and sharing a ton of resources and answering concerns about Meteor since the start. In my opinion, when I encounter a question such as this, it is usually because I’m not experienced enough with a particular technology and I seek for reassurance elsewhere. Ultimately, however, the confidence in your decision must come from within. How can you convince your client, if you are not even sure of what is the correct path to take?


You mean like Swift? And Java? And any JavaScript framework? :slight_smile: Most other languages and frameworks are self-contained ecosystems. Actually, it’s kind of cool that Meteor lets you use Blaze, React, or Angular for its rendering.


What GraphQL implementations are you aware of that are production ready? I only know of a few assorted ‘Mike’s weekend attempt’ github projects built on top of the reference implementation. If there is not a full toolchain available, your question was answered before it was even asked.

That being said, once an ecosystem does arise it’s so chock full of awesome-sauce it will dominate. Ironically, by swimming against the current of all current best practices.


@ffxsam : Nodejs . Express + React + Mongo / MySQL .


Then you’re stuck to a React, express and Mongo app. What’s the difference?

Also, if your app would benefit greatly from live queries, than the facebook stack isn’t an alternative.

I also don’t see why the pricing of galaxy is relevant. Nobody forces you to use galaxy and other solutions also need to be hosted.