To display a variable with alert


I want to display a variable with alert I wrote the following code but instead of displaying the variable it shows me object
{{name}} is normal display

<script language="javascript">
var nom = $('name').text();
 alert("Hello there this food" + nom + ". is experd.");
instead of nom he shows me object```


name is part of a Template’s data ?

Your jQuery selector seems wrong, unless you created custom elements, such an element (<name />) is not supposed to exist. Instead, just select the element that contains {{ name }}.


yes name is part of a Template’s data
i try alert(“Hello there this food” + {{ name }} + “. is experd.”);
it dosnt work


This is normal, you can’t use Blaze tags in JS code. Only in HTML templates.
From where do you want to grab the name ? (onCreated, a helper, an event, …)


I’m not quite sure what you’re mean
name is a variable enter by the user


Let’s say you display the name property in a Template this way :

<template name="xxx">
    <div class="item-name">{{ name }}</div>

With some JS, you can grab this value like this (as a general example) :

var name = document.querySelector( '.item-name' ).innerHTML;
alert( name );


my template

<template name="xxx">
<article class="recipe {{#if inMenu}}in-menu{{/if}}">

i shoud write this ?

var name = document.querySelector( '.recipe {{#if inMenu}}in-menu{{/if}}' ).innerHTML;


You can’t use Blaze tags {{ ... }} in JS code, only in HTML templates.
You are trying to put a HTML condition in a JS selector, remove it, and add the h3.

If you want to automatically alert() the name once the Template “xxx” is rendered, you should try this : () {
  var name = this.find( '.recipe h3' ).innerHTML;
  alert( name );


thanks for the help
but i want this

<script language="javascript">
 var isAfter = moment(date).isAfter(now);
 alert("Hello there this food" + name  + ". is experd.");

```so i cant do this in js code?


Where did you put this <script> ?


i put the script in html page
where i display the name {{ name }}

i tried this instead the script

Template.Recipe.onRendered(function () {
var date = $('dateexp').val();
 var now = moment();
 var isAfter = moment(date).isAfter(now);
var name this.find( '.recipe h3' ).innerHTML;
 (if isAfter){
  alert( name );

```Unexpected token


You tried this, and ?

Your if condition is incorrect.


i correct my if condition and it still show me msg Unexpected token


Your variables declarations are still incorrect.


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