Today meteor speed


i am still new to webdev. I saw some forum/github topics about bad speed of meteor with blaze.
I want to ask how is it know. If meteor with blaze can be used for eshop for example. Or should i use handlebars or something else? Or maybe if someone have any speed comparison with laravel.

And if is hard to deploy metor on VPS?

Thanks in advance for anwers :slight_smile:


Meteor is great for web apps, not for websites; since all the JS is sent to the client at once and there is no (official) server-side rendering, it is not optimized to have a fast first-page load; however, its in-built reactivity (data transiting between server and client) is very, very fast and suitable even for very advanced real-time apps. In the end, your code structure is at least as relevant to the overall speed of your app than the framework you are using.


There is a very nice performance comparison between front-end frameworks here:

Just anticipating: Blaze’s performance is in the same league as React & Angular for normal applications.

If you have any other questions about Meteor, feel free to contact me. I’ve been where you are not so long ago :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, SSR is totally possible, and we have perfect code splitting to reduce the size of that initial bundle. Meteor may not load the fastest by default, but it certainly can!


Ou thank guys i think i understand it more know :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

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Oh you’re right! My bad… guess I had never seen this package before.

Sir, please allow me to say that an SPA’s fast first-page load is fully dependent on the developer and less on the technology.


I think it is needless to say that if this is mobile … desktop hits the 100%.

The concern is not how fast the first page comes up, there are so many tricks to tune that.
When you think Meteor speed you would normally ask these questions:

  1. Is my tech (virtual hardware) optimized for the number of users and data consumption. How much this costs me vs other tech. Is it fast for the buck?
  2. Did I write my code right and I don’t pull 1GB of data from Mongo to … send an email.
  3. Is my platform secure and I don’t have traffic leaks, exploits or DOS issues.
  4. Is my media optimized and cached to the max.
  5. Are all my methods effective and efficient.
  6. Do I pipe my data to the view efficiently.
  7. Did I cut down all unnecessary reactivity.
    List can go one for some time…

It is useless to load a page in 1 second if your data comes in 5 or at times, never.

If you want to show your name in HTML, nothing is faster than … HTML. If you want infrastructure, full stack, DB, mobile etc wondering about the speed of the view layer is possibly less than 1% of the real speed concern.
If you are new to webdev, learning Blaze is like learning Papuan… You will get very good at it but you won’t find too many people to joke with or things to joke about. My personal opinion is that React is the most supported, fastest to learn, has huge NPM base of literally everything you might think of and involuntarily you learn React-Native.

To answer your question: Meteor is very fast. Especially when Node sits in the same cluster with Mongo and has global availability/replication. It is really fast if you don’t put 1000 users on a EC2 Nano and then run to the Meteor Forum to complain about how bad Meteor is and how your processors burn at 100% … and you … ask your money back from the people who pushed code to the Meteor version you’re running on. Ok … stop kidding now. It is fast. If you want to run a movie in a browser and refresh the DOM for every video frame at 60 fps and only display frames with beautiful ladies and out of those, only blondes then sort the frames by cup size right before they render … you might want to run a comparison between Blaze, Laravel and something else. Then do the comparison for mobile frameworks, browsers… native or hybrid, Iphone is the best but Huawei sells better than Samsung unless you want the Samsung Pay and you can let go that onscreen fingerprint scanner from some Nokia … and the pink case. Here I officially stop kidding.
It is fast.