Tokyo meteor meetup?


I’m planning to be in tokyo for first two weeks of October. Is anyone in town that would like to help organize a Meteor meetup during that time? Tokyo seems to be comparatively quiet on the world stage for meteor events.

I used to organize a smaller event in SF earlier this year, but haven’t had time for awhile.
Even if it’s only 10 people or so we could have a nice roundtable discussion.

Related plug: I’m pitching my startup here in tokyo next weekend. even tho we’re in SF we’ve been picked as one of the “top japanese startups” :smile:


cc @maxhodges @sacha


Hello @dcsan,

We actually have an event schedule on Oct. 10th with 22 people RSVP’ed

We also did a Meteor presentation at TokyoJS Meetup a few months back. So we might look more quiet than we are.
Deck and demo repo here:

Congrats on the ‘Top Japanese Startup’ recognition! Which company is yours?