Too many open files?

Might have totally missed this, but after some time I’ve just upgraded to 1.4.2 and when trying to run I get an error “EMFILE: too many open files”… ?

I reinstalled meteor, cleaned up NPM etc, but still this one. Never had this before. Did anybody solve this?

Cheers, Ben

I’ve been getting this issue since upgrading a project to the latest Meteor version. Posted on Github, not getting responses (been 11 days) so I’m bumping this.

As far as I saw on GitHub (issues), this is a new limit of MacOS, and for now there is no workaround. Just close some files/softwares.

Can you share the Github link please?

System Integrity checking messes up ulimit on modern MacOSes. Buying OSX Server used to let you set the limits with ulimit as normal, maybe it still does that. You can also find some other solutions, and also here’s a link to the issue @raphaelarias is talking about - which is not a Meteor issue, but rather Apple saying you don’t need more than 1024 or so files open. You can take some comfort in the fact that you’re definitely not the first or only one making exasperated noises towards 1 Infinite Loop because of this sillyness.

well, that’s where I’m at now. ulimit is set to 524288. Still getting this “too many open files” issue. And I only have 9,000 files in my .meteor and 3,000 in my node_modules. No where near that. This is ridiculous.

Yeah, ulimit will tell you whatever you wanna hear with System Integrity on but the reality might be different. If you don’t wanna disable it then I guess OSX Server is the only route to change the limit for real. I just disabled it myself.

As far as I know, it’s not just your project files that counts, but every file opened in the OS as a whole.

I had this problem when I had two projects running, Photoshop opened, Webstorm and deploying to Galaxy. I just closed a few softwares and one project on Webstorm.