Top Meteor Packages (wip)

I make this page to learn Meteor (please dont register or save any Favorites all datas will be resetet many times)

Check on
Do you know a good package or have any idea for the site let me know
Current Packages:


  • Add Package Category
  • Add package simple by “user:packagename” and get informations over Atmosphere
  • Remove Package( favorites to)
  • Update package by simple click a Button(i think… later cornjob)
  • Simple Favorites
  • Simple Search with search-source
  • Counters

- Security

  • Flag
  • Some Seo
  • Sub Categories eg.: Frontend -> Icons / Frameworks / Buttons etc…
  • Admin functions
  • Extra Category for Plugin Wrappers eg. jQuery plugin Wrapped for Meteor

and more

not sure I see the point. atmosphere.js already ranks packages and shows popularity

That’s true, but categorization for atmosphere would be good.

categorization is maybe too rigid–like categorizing web sites. Tags could be a better idea i.e. a ‘roles’ package could be tagged “security, roles, permissions, accounts”

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hi thx for the Feedback
working right now on Subcategories(tags)

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