Top Packages & Languages that Advanced Developers use

Hello Everyone,

I am interested in your opinion regarding packages/languages that top developers are using right now with Meteor.
Recently a colleague of mine mentioned that a lot of top Meteor developers are starting to use jade and coffescript.

I am interested to know if anyone has an opinion in regards to the benefits of using jade and or coffescript. I am interested in learning the syntax, but would like to know from your opinion if it is worth the time to learn.

As with anything like this, it is a matter of personal preference. There are some awesome packages written in CS for example, but comments in these forums suggests that most people prefer JS.

my personal opinion is it depends on who’s your codebase ‘target audience’

if it’s an open source project meant for the public, or if it’s a commercial project which you would hire developers for, I would advise against writing in CS because:

  1. it’s not popular enough
  2. it’s not a superset of javascript (as opposed to TypeScript), which means it’s kind of a different language altogether
  3. ES6 will eventually be a better alternative