Torrents Duck - a seedbox made with Meteor


Hello fellow Meteorites,
just showing off my newest Meteor based project

A Bittorrent client and FTP server inside a Meteor with users management and a responsive UI :slight_smile:

And this raise a CPU issue, when I load a very large transfer in webtorrent all the site is throttling and eventually comes back to live. On the server side I see 1 CPU topping at 100% but I have 3 siblings doing mostly nothing. I’ve read here and there about cluster and PM2 but haven’t see a ready to use tutorial…
I’m of course using Meteor 1.6 and Meteor Up (docker) and starting my journey to digg the Meteor Cluster ghost from Kadira :wink:
Please throw me a bone if you know anything about it.
Thanks for your reading


Ok so I’m cutting it into 3 meteor. Main, torrents and FTP. Bye bye thread problems :sunglasses: