Toy Story: How Max Savin Created Meteor Toys

Max Savin was nice enough to come on our blog to talk about the story behind Meteor Toys. It’s a great read:

Toy Story: How Max Savin Created Meteor Toys

(Also includes a special discount code for Meteor Toys at the end : )


The first time I hit Ctrl+M, I just lot the shits… trying to get employer to buy it now, will save me some coffee money :coffee: : .
This should be built into meteor. MUST HAVE tool, especially when you’re just starting out.
Impersonate is awesome, I spent a week building that into my previous MEAN project.

@sacha Thanks for having me :smile:
@mordrax ah that’s great, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the great tool, I purchased a copy.

But I had a support request, and on your website the contact is:

I tried to email to that address and it bounced. Is there a good contact for you? Where should I put in support requests?

Hey man - were we able to get in touch? I’ve just updated that email, please feel free to reach out its []