Traceable email functionality

Hi! I’m planning a meteor event registration app that needs reliable (and traceable) mail support and I was wondering if anyone of you ever did something similar. So a mail will be sent to a registrant for confirming his/her registration to an event. In this case it is necessary to have seamless information on the sent mails (delivery status, bounces). The app should be able to manage up to 10.000 mails a day.

I thought Amazon SES might be a good idea for this. (I never used this before, but If someone of you ever used it, how did you integrate it with meteor and where did you host the app?)


I personally prefer email services that have a rest API to keep things simple and robust. I have used AWS SES but recently moved to postmark ( Very happy with it. I’d suggest you invest 10 minutes to check out their docs. Introduction | Postmark Developer Documentation

To integrate postmark to your meteor app, you could build a http post request in your server code like shown here: For example, by using node-fetch.

However, meteor apps are just node apps at the end of the day and like most services, postmark has a node integration. So just use that, like shown here:

Regarding where to host your app, if you don’t have much devops experience and reliability is key for you (which it seems to be), then keep things simple and just use the official meteor cloud hosting (Meteor Cloud: The Only Full-Service Cloud Offering for Meteor Apps.) with database from atlas ( You’ll pay a bit more than alternatives, but the likelihood of messing something up is considerably reduced. Other than that, mup ( can be used to set up your own server.


I agree with @vooteles. Better to do this with a service whose focus is on deliverability and conversion of emails. So that you can focus on your business kpis instead