Track your app updates on GitHub (concept/alpha, feedback needed)


This is an app which helps me to track GitHub releases. It will send you an email when the new tag or release appears (don’t forget to turn it on - envelope icon on your repo tile). You need to add the GitHub link of your favourite app. This is all what you need to do. You can then go and see details, you can read changelog and see latest tweets about the app.

This version is really in a very early stage (early alpha) but I encourage you to test it. It works upon GitHub api and makes calls every hour (I hope my github calls limit is enought for testing ;)). Also I don’t know if hosting is good for it (probably not beacuse of ‘cron’ tasks). I will wait for Galaxy (or mupx or something simple to use ;)). Anyway, soon You will be able to clone it and host it by yourself.

For now there is so messy code (right now) that I have no courage to show it :wink: But of course it will be a fully open source app very soon. I need your feedback. Let me know if it could be useful for you. I find it quite useful. I like to know when new version of Meteor appears or React or Ghost platform. I realy need this info as soon as possible. So this is why I’ve built this :wink: Actually for my own usage but I want to share it.

Maybe sometimes it isn’t so informative when you see only tag name with weird description, but despite this you will always have an alert that something new is happening with your favourite app and you can go and check details.

What should be done:

  • code refactor and cleanup
  • better UI
  • more functionalities (maybe)
  • better approach to GitHub communication
  • your suggestions…

You can raise issues and questions here: You will find demo screenshots there too.