Tracker.autorun invalidation stops all other Tracker.autorun when Meteor.user() changes

I’m facing a really strange behaviour in Meteor 1.6 that I try to describe shortly.
My application has three Redux actions that subscribe to three different publications: one for “ORDERS”, one for “RESERVATIONS” and one for the current user (I need all the user’s fields saved in the Redux store) and each of them are dispatching a query result (Meteor.user() for the current user) inside a Tracker.autorun block, so when data change, my store keeps props in sync.

ORDERS and RESERVATIONS actions are called separately in each componentWillMount() block inside their React components while the CURRENT USER action is called in client’s Meteor.startup() block because I want to track any change from the beginning.

My problem starts when I perform some change in ORDER or RESERVATION collections and I need to update the current user’s document too: CURRENT USER’s Tracker.autorun reruns correctly (Meteor.user() is a reactive data source) and also ORDER and RESERVATION autoruns rerun BUT their computation is marked as STOPPED (no more rerun on data changes).

What could it be? What is stopping my ORDER and RESERVATION Tracker.autorun?
Any idea? I googled a lot but I didn’t find anything similar. Thanks.