Tracker.Component makes your React life easy in Meteor 1.3 and 1.2

We just released a really easy method to get React and Tracker integration, one cannot make it easier and the implementation can’t be lighter, it’s ridiculous how easy we’ve made it.

Bonus feature: Server Side Rendering (see the clip ;))

Learn how we build easy React Components with Meteor 1.2 and Tracker using Tracker.Component:

Demo and instructions for 1.3 is on the way, maybe later tonight :smile:

Cheers from the folks at Studio Interact


Can you tell if it have some performance benefit over TrackerReact?

I’m looking into it, though I wouldn’t expect it to be much more
performant, the biggest benefit is that you can use it both server side and
client side with the same implementation.

And for anyone coming from Blaze, it’ll be a breeze using Tracker.Component
rather than TrackerReact (which from starters was created from ideas out of
my work in timbrandin:blaze-react).

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