Tracker-react Q

@faceyspacey or anyone who knows =)

I’ve been looking at tracker-react (pretty slick btw) and there’s one thing I don’t get. Why wrap the autorun in a Tracker.nonreactive(() => {?

context[name] = Tracker.nonreactive(() => { 						//NOTE: we may want to run this code in `setTimeout(func, 0)` so it doesn't impact the rendering phase at all
        return Tracker.autorun(c => {
            if(c.firstRun) data =;
            else {
                if(context[name]) context[name].stop(); 		//stop autorun here so rendering "phase" doesn't have extra work of also stopping autoruns; likely not too important though.
      ; 									//where `forceUpdate` will be called in above implementation 

because the render method is potentially happening in the render method of a parent component, which would mean you have an autorun happening within an autorun, which would be problematic.