Tracking ( Ad ) Impressions

Hi there! I’m trying to think of a way I can track Ad impressions on the client, without opening up possibilities of abuse.

I’ve thought about adding a every time the Ad is loaded, but anyone savy can just spam that and skew the statistics. Is there a way that I can fingerprint the view ( as in each page view has it’s own ID ), do a containing that ID and do a check to ensure that the view is unique ( and an authentic view ID ) ?

Edit: This is a custom ad server

If the ads are images, I’d probably implement this as a connectHandler with a url like this way you can track how frequently a connection is requesting add images, and potentially “debounce” those requests. You could also have a requirement that the timestamp + connectionId be unique, the timestamp be constantly increasing and within a certain margin of error of the servers timestamp. This way, spamming is made harder and the effects of it are limited.

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