Transactions, ACID... in Meteor


Hi there,

I need help: how would you typically go on a Meteor app to have something like exchanging tokens of value between users (for example, an abstraction of a money like euros)

I ask that because I currently don’t see any way of doing it.

What is my best bet? Drop MongoDB for PostreSQL for all this kind of data (bye reactivity?)

I saw the MemDB thing, but surprisingly noone has an official support for it with Meteor !

I also saw Meteor transaction package but as well, it does not support real data.

I seriously cannot afford a user to lose a token of value, so what would you typically do for that?


I think you’re right – the way to do it is to use Apollo with a relational database, at the expense of reactivity.


As you made this package for transactions, do you think it is possible to create a package that would be suitable for transferring tokens of value in Meteor?

I don’t know why nobody felt the need to do it yet


When you say “tokens of value”, what do you mean?

For the record, I’m probably not the best person to make a package that ensures security. @pcorey is someone who’s thought about and done a lot with Meteor and good security practices.


Transferring stuff that is worth real money man


Came across this package which is relevant