Traverse[node.type] is not a function

Errors prevented bundling:
While minifying app stylesheet:
packages/minifier-css.js:29:29: traverse[node.type] is not a function
at visit (packages/minifier-css.js:29:29)
at packages/minifier-css.js:103:43
at (native)
at stringifyAst (packages/minifier-css.js:103:14)
at (native)
at MinifyAst (packages/minifier-css.js:107:18)
at Object.CssTools.minifyCssAst (packages/minifier-css.js:256:12)
at Object.CssTools.minifyCss (packages/minifier-css.js:253:21)
at CssToolsMinifier.processFilesForBundle (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:120:34)

How do I begin debugging this?

Source is here btw:

I’m building on a cutting edge Arch laptop and I also had the same result with

Thank you in advance,