Traying to use Meteor with Quasar

I have been using Quasar for a while now, and I’m looking for a fairly easy to integrate database backend. I see that Meteor may be an option.

This may be the stupidest question ever… I’ve been looking at the Quasar & Meteor Starter Kit but the explanations are minimal to non-existent. ( quasar-meteor-master ) Just assume I’m brand new to npm too, which I pretty much am.

quasar meteor starter kit

This is the order I have done things so far:
I download all the files in the project.

I run: npm install (how does it know what it’s installing?)
This is my output.

Then I run: npm run bundler
Where I get command not found and other errors.

So if anyone could help and point me in the right direction to get me started, I’d appreciate it. At this point I need step by step instructions with all the details, as I don’t know enough about any of it to fill in the blanks.

The instructions include:

install dependencies
$ npm install

install meteor client bundler
$ npm run bundler

#before running the application, make sure that the meteor server is running for this
$ npm run api

lint code
$ npm run lint

My questions include:
Don’t I need to specify the meteor and/or quasar packages when I run the npm commands? There is no detailed information about that.
Do I just need to download all the files in the package and then run the commands in the same directory?
Do I need to install meteor first, then quasar… or is there a specific order?

I really appreciate any help. Thanks.